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Awny KhashoggiAs Creative Director & CEO, Awny Khashoggi’s vision has earned the Orlando-based company the reputation as the industry’s most innovative design and production company.  Awny’s eye for detail and his unique design vision allows Unique Option to set the “style standard” each season. His design innovations have been emulated by most companies at one time or another.

Khashoggi is known for his masterful “unlocking of a room’s potential”. His award winning solutions to event décor challenges have earned him the reputation of most talented behind the scene design expert.

Q. What is your creative process?
A.  We use an “ABC” design process:  Authentic, Bold and Collaborative. The authenticity phase deals with meeting the function requirement in reliable and usable ways to both guest and service staff. As simple as that sounds you will be surprised at what passes as food, decor and entertainment when attention to detail is missing. Bold ideas need not to be sacrificed; they just have to be part of the result and vision/big picture. Carrying a comprehensive process of incorporating the stakeholder’s interest ensures that the design and production translate into the event’s intended purpose.

Q. How are you different than others in the industry?
A. Our team is constantly anticipating wants and desires and is empowered to successfully handle them. We keep a regular internal communication to uphold this professional standard. This process channels our collective energy to develop the best design and production options. For some clients it may come in a perfect accessories option or an IDEA for an improved entrance. For others, it may be an IDEA that improves the logistics of the event. Small or large, tangible or conceptual; in all cases we are searching for that unique option that will make your gathering exceptional.

Q. Does using your creative services drive up my cost?
A.  No, it is just our way to give you the best overall and unique experience.  Like most companies that provide our type of business we do charge for certain presentation services. On the other hand not taking advantage of our award winning expertise can cost money in lost opportunities and unexpected turns of events. You often hear that there are many ways to skin a cat. Do you want your event to be one where all of them are chaotically practiced or, having the proven choice, expertly executed?

Q. Besides Creative services, what can you do for me?
A.  All event services lie in having a cohesive plan. The best design is the one that is tailored to production capabilities. Our production and design knowledge, skills, and abilities combined provide the full circle that successfully connects vision, process and results.